Finding a compelling songwriter in Thailand can be a challenge. Most will compose meaningless songs or offer their services for more of their worth.

Only a handful of artists know how to combine the beauty of lyrics with a catching sound to back them up. At JulesGoldie.Com, this is precisely what you get.

Jules Goldie’s songwriting expertise is noticeable throughout his long artistic career. His track of songs detailing the life of an expat living in Thailand tells stories through significant lyrics and moving music.

With a wide range of skills that include singing, songwriting, and composing music, Jules brings fun and entertainment to Bangkok clubs and live events.

Do you need a songwriter to collaborate on new songs or to sing at an event? Then, you’re in the right place!

Why is JulesGoldie.Com the Ideal Thai Singer Songwriter Alternative?

Julian Goldie of

Coming up with lyrics for a song is an art in itself. Many of the world’s favorite artists spend months coming up with new lyrics, sometimes even years, before releasing music.

While building his own path as an artist, Jules Goldie found his passion by writing about the things close to him. Living in Thailand, personal experiences, and many other aspects of his life are present in his lyrics.

A Collaborative Spirit

By working closely with Jules Goldie, you get continuous feedback on the creative process. A collaborative effort is necessary to create significant music, and Jules will attentively listen to any suggestions. The result? A well-crafted song to get the attention of your preferred demographic.

Meaningful Lyrics

Want to create meaningful songs? Jules Goldie is no stranger to putting personal experiences into words. Count on his services to turn previous life experiences into powerful lyrics and beautiful songs.

A Versatile Lyricist

A lifelong music student, Jules Goldie keeps up with modern trends to deliver what the fans and collaborators want. He feels inspired by worldwide artists and Thailand’s own, like Sek Loso, Pongsit Kamphee, Phum Viphurit, and more.

More Than Just Songwriting!

Jules Goldie is an excellent lyricist with expertise in more than one field. As a seasoned musician, Jules can adapt to almost any circumstance.

You wrote a good song but don’t have a singer or guitarist to play along? Jules is the man for the job.

Captivating Vocals

Hire at JulesGoldie.Com, a worthy singer with awe-inspiring vocals and songs. Jules’ extensive range makes it possible to interpret original and popular songs from Thailand and worldwide.

Rocking Guitarist Skills

Bring the hype and energy to your club with the blasting sounds of rock and roll. Years of experience have made Jules a proficient guitarist, specializing in high-energy pop-rock music and a variety of genres.

About Jules Goldie, a Songwriter Thailand Must Hear

Julian Goldie's work

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Jules Goldie found his passion for music at a very young age. He went on to become an expert songwriter with a decade-long career on his back.

An office job briefly separated Jules from doing what he loved the most, but it did not take long before he returned to making music.

This time, Jules discovered his love for Thai culture and decided to reignite his career in the cities of Thailand. Jules also worked hard on improving his artistry and skills, becoming a singer and guitarist besides a songwriter.

Where Can You Check Jules Goldie’s Work?

Catch some of Jules Goldie’s work by checking out his social networks for a closer look at his previous and current projects.

Additionally, Jules has an active presence in Thailand’s indie scene, where he performs regularly at different events. The following are a few examples of Jules’ usual activities.

Jules’ ability to produce diverse lyrics and vocals makes him an all-around performer for bars. Adults and young adults alike will have a blast listening to Jules’ original songs or covers of their favorite artists.

As a longtime rock and roll enthusiast, Jules brings hype and high energy to the nocturne club mood. Intense guitar solos and matching vocals guarantee everyone is on the dancing floor enjoying the time of their lives.

Contact Details

Interested in making a deal? Reach Jules Goldie through multiple mediums, as described here. These channels provide a direct contact line with the artist to discuss potential appearances, collaborations, and anything related to live performances.

JulesGoldie.Com. The primary source for all business-related things. Check out Jules’ homepage to learn about previous work, services offered, and other details.

Instagram (@Jules_Goldie). As an avid Instagram poster, Jules Goldie keeps followers and business partners updated on current projects. Explore new and older posts for further references about any new song or music video coming up.

Facebook (@juliangoldieseo). Follow Jules Goldie’s Facebook page to have a more personal look at his creative songwriting process.

Final Pitch — A Collaborative Songwriter Partner    

Jules Goldie’s openness to receiving feedback makes him an ideal business partner. By working closely with employers, Jules is able to conjure lyrics that satisfy the employer’s demands while staying true to his artistic vision. Tell the story you want to tell, backed by the quality of an established songwriter.

Ready to start a collaboration? Go to JulesGoldie.Com and send a business message right now. A quick answer should arrive soon after to discuss the terms and conditions for a potential agreement.

Don’t pass on a good idea just because you don’t have a capable songwriter. With JulesGoldie.Com, even the simplest words become meaningful songs.

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