Looking to hire a singer in Thailand? Then, don’t look any further! 

At JulesGoldie.Com, you can count on an experienced solo artist to bring music lovers to one place and keep them entertained.

Whether you own a bar or club or host any live event, we provide entertainment value to your attendees. 

Put on a fun show for patrons and guests alike with a wide catalog of Thai pop rock, sentimental ballads, hyping guitar solos, and many songs. 

With a particular style like none other, Jules Goldie wows the crowd by delivering a fun and engaging performance.

Don’t waste your money hiring musicians that don’t deliver or that ridiculous charge fees. With JulesGoldie.Com, you get accessible deals for one of the most successful singers in Thailand. 

Years of experience back this singer and songwriter, allowing Jules Goldie to adapt to your needs and the preferences of your clients. You set the time, date, and place, and we make sure to keep the crowd entertained. 

Where to Hire Singer in Thailand? 

Thailand is a land rich with luk thung and mor lam singers. However, sometimes more variety is necessary to keep up with the world’s new up-and-coming genres. 

This is precisely what Jules Goldie offers: the ability to keep the audience entertained so they come back another time. 

You can contact Jules and ask about his services through different channels. Primarily, the website JulesGoldie.Com is up and running to offer business owners a quick method to hire a singer in Thailand for upcoming events.

Why is Jules Goldie the Perfect Thai Singer Alternative for Live Performances?

Julian jamming with his guitar

Jules Goldie is a singer, songwriter, and composer that thrives on opportunities. Any chance presented is a new door to show his artistry to the world. This eagerness benefits live event hosts in many ways, like the following –

Fun and Entertaining

Create a vibrant and engaging environment with live renditions of original and popular songs. Set the stage to ensure that the audience is eager to come back to your location another time.

Genre Diversity

As an ever-learning musician, Jules Goldie stays up to date with modern trends in Thailand, the United States, South Korea, etc. 

Put up a show with a track list of the most catching beats to hype the audience with crazy guitar solos or mellow them with sweet ballads.

Understand Your Audience

At JulesGoldie.Com, we work closely with business owners and bookers to deliver what the audience wants. Build a list of songs adequate for every attendee, whether they’re families, young adults, and other demographics. 

Accessible Deals

Strike a deal with Jules Goldie that is both convenient and beneficial for both parties. Reasonable prices for a show that will bring eyes to your business. 

About Jules Goldie, an Act for All Music Lovers in Thailand

Jules Goldie started his career in music at a very young age. He went on to become a proficient singer and songwriter until a tedious job kept him from doing what he loved for several years. 

This situation did not last long, as Jules’ passion for music reignited once again. Only this time, he would not let anything get in his way.

Jules’ new goal in life is to bring the joy of music to everyone willing to listen. Living in Thailand, he discovered bands like Cocktail through their second album in the 2000’s. This band and many other Thai artists allowed Jules to find inspiration and blend his mastered western music styles with the beauty and catching sounds of Thai culture.

Captivating lyrics about life in Bangkok and rocking riffs are part of his vast repertoire. Common performances for Jules Goldie include live shows at bars, clubs, concerts, parties, and more.

Live Performances at Bars, Clubs, and More

If you’re a business owner looking to entertain a gathering of people, Jules Goldie is there to deliver. 

Business opportunities are wide open, as Jules’ expertise allows him to perform at different locations, and for different people. Consider this service in the following situations.

Live Performance at Bars

Hire Jules’ services as a guitarist to play at bars, putting up a catchy sound and catching lyrics to entertain adults and youth.

Rocking at Clubs.

Forget about hiring a generic Thai singer or Thai rapper. Jules Goldie is here to rock the foundations of your club with the blasting sound of guitar riffs and rock and roll. 

Other Events

For other events, you can contact Jules Goldie through different mediums. 

Under the right circumstances, Julian is open to performing at concerts, parties, and more. 

Check out the following section to learn how to reach Jules Goldie and consult potential presentations.

What You Don’t Want to Miss

Jules Goldie offers a new perspective on life in Thailand through the beauty of music. His vision embraces people of all ages – as he writes compelling lyrics backed with catching beats. 

Enjoy the magnificent storytelling of Jules’ artistry in each of his singing appearances and melodic sounds. If your audience enjoys the sound of music, Jules’ compelling guitar solos will also grab their attention.

Don’t miss out on adding more styles variety to your bar or club by hiring a brand-new artist. 

Contact Jules Goldie through his socials, and work on an agreement that benefits everyone involved. 

Contact Information

Contact Jules Goldie through various channels for business inquiries, audience engagement, and general communications. 

These are the socials available that you can use for potential approaches.

JulesGoldie.Com. Go to Jules’ homepage for a quick overall look at his experience and contact information. 

Instagram (@Jules_Goldie). Jules Goldie is an active presence on Instagram, where he constantly shares updates about his music and activities. Use this social for references, information about any upcoming song or music video, and more.

Facebook (@juliangoldieseo). An alternative social is Facebook, where Jules keeps followers updated and business partners can check his work.

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