With countless Thai musicians out there, hiring entertainment for your events can be a hassle. But what better option than someone who can do it all?

Jules Goldie is a versatile artist that can sing, write, and compose songs. Years of experience allow Jules to put up compelling performances with a blend of catching sounds and storytelling lyrics. If you want more eyes on your product, do not look any further.

Why Trust Jules Goldie When Looking for Quality Musicians in Thailand?

Julian and his guitar

At JulesGoldie.Com, we offer the performance of a quality artist open to discussing potential collaborations beneficial for everyone involved. Jules Goldie’s expertise in the artistic world compels him to put on the best show possible, which reflects positively on the image of bars and clubs.

Engaging musicians bring more eyes, and more eyes mean more possibilities to expand your brand or local popularity.

Here’s what you can expect from services at JulesGoldie.Com.

Singer, Songwriter, and Guitarist

Jules Goldie is an all-around entertainer. He writes lyrics, accompanies them with sound by playing his trustworthy guitar, and vocalizes every song with a vibrant voice. Don’t spend considerable money on a multi-man band when you have a one-man band.

Solo or Co-Act

With his ability to sing and play instruments, Jules Goldie can put up a stellar performance with just a guitar. However, collaborative efforts are also on the table if the situation merits them. Consult via Jules’ networks for any potential collab or feature in a song or music video.

On-the-Go Improvisation

Each audience is different, and a successful musician must know how to keep the crowd’s attention. At JulesGoldie.Com, we work closely with live event promoters to give attendees what they want.

This often requires improvisation, a skill that Jules knows pretty well. With Jules’ ability to play high-energy guitar solos and improvise, clients on-site will engage more actively.

The Best Thai Pop Music Alternative

Tired of playing the same sentimental ballads from the same famous Thai singer that don’t get any reaction? Hire at JulesGoldie.Com to bring a fresh and renewed music perspective to your business.

Inspired by artists from the United States, South Korea, and more, Jules Goldie delivers brand-new music and entertaining performances to keep the audience coming back for more.

Jules also draws inspiration from many compilations of Thailand’s own, like Cocktail, Mirrr, Autta, Nattawuk Shrimhok, Bird Thongchai, Pop Pongkool, and more.

Responsible and Readily Available

Forget about dealing with irresponsible so-called artists that don’t show up or fail to deliver as promised. With Jules Goldie, you get what you need, just like you need it.

Responsibility is key for any professional, and at JulesGoldie.Com, our main goal is to put up the best show hoping for future collabs.

Jules Goldie, an All-Around Musician and Thai Singer Alternative for Live Entertainment

Julian in action

Jules Goldie has spent decades of his life dedicated to becoming one of the most successful singers in the Thai music scene. This was not an easy task, as Jules faced many challenges before deciding to pursue a full-time career as a solo artist.

Countless sleepless hours, years of practice, and a constant desire to continue learning pushed him to sing his songs and tell his stories anywhere he went. Eventually, he set foot in Thailand, and he was in love. 

The country’s culture appealed to Jules, as is visible throughout his lyrics describing his life living in the country.

Thai pop music, luk thung, mor lam singers, Thai rapper alternatives, and popular folk singers all let Jules know that his passion for rock and roll would find a home in such a musically rich culture.

And so Jules began his journey, determined to entertain those willing to hear what he had to say. Equipped with a guitar, Jules Goldie performs at bars, clubs, and other live events, singing compelling songs and playing vibrant music.

Contact Details

At JulesGoldie.Com, any business inquiry is quickly reviewed to maintain a respectful and professional relationship with potential partners. You can reach out using different mediums, like the following.

JulesGoldie.Com. Check out Jules Goldie’s website to get a closer look at his vision of music. If this is compatible with your preferences, send out an email using the direct links to start communications.

Instagram (@Jules_Goldie). Stay up to date with Jules’ artistic performances by following his Instagram profile. Exciting news about any upcoming project, song, or music video will be visible here. Business inquiries are also acceptable via Instagram.

Facebook (@juliangoldieseo). Have a closer look at Jules’ personal life and daily activities by following his Facebook page. Also, use this social to dig more about the artist’s references to confirm this is the person you want to perform at your events.

A Skilled Musician to Keep Clients and Visitors Entertained

Entertainment is an essential part of any club, bar, or live event. If you want an engaged audience that is more likely to return at another time, you need a captivating musician.

This is not possible with generic artists. What you need is a skilled singer and guitarist with the talent to create spontaneous moments and entertain. These are all traits offered by yours truly at JulesGoldie.Com.

The start of any fruitful professional relationship starts by understanding what everyone involved wants. Interested in bringing more eyes to your live shows? Head over to JulesGoldie.Com, and submit a communication request to contact a top-notch musician for hire in Bangkok using the different methods available.

Don’t let your business fall into monotony with the same old music and sound beats. Contact Jules Goldie now and add a fresh air of personality and engaging performances that will bring more eyes to your brand.

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