Hiring an indie singer in Thailand can be a hit or miss. Many are young and inexperienced, which reflects poorly on business owners and their products.

Others are just way overpriced and troubled. Luckily, newer alternatives with more experience and proven records are also available and accessible. At JulesGoldie.Com, you got the ideal indie singer for hire in Thailand.

Jules Goldie has an established career and many things to offer for club and bar owners. A singer, writer, and composer, Jules’ insatiable hunger to put up the best show has taken him all around Thailand, especially in Bangkok. 

This is how Jules found his love for Thailand, its culture, and its people. These are all present in his songs, which perfectly encapsulate the most captivating aspects of the country.

Backed by a guitar and his passion for rock and roll, Jules Goldie delivers the entertainment to keep current attendees and bring more eyes.

Why is JulesGoldie.Com the Ideal Indie Singer Thailand Live Events Need?

Julian Goldie of julesgoldie.com

Thai indie music is widely diverse to please different preferences. Some artists can sing, and others play instruments. These elements of the show take time to build and sometimes are too expensive. Here’s when JulesGoldie.Com comes into the picture.

Book the Perfect Show for Your Audience

As an active member of the Thai indie scene, Jules Goldie understands the ins and outs of the business. This allows him to work together with promoters to set up the most fun and entertaining shows for patrons and attendees.

Reduce Costs of a Compelling Performance

Services offered by JulesGoldie.Com also reduce costs for club and bar owners. Since Jules is a skilled singer, songwriter, and performer, there’s no need to hire a five-piece band or similar. A guitar is all Jules needs to bring the quality of international indie acts. 

Diverse Thai Indie Music

With an extensive music career, Jules Goldie remains up-to-date with modern trends. He’s a fan of Thai music and follows groups like Cocktail since the band released its most popular songs. Indie bands also inspire Jules to continue working on creating the most entertaining shows.

Jules’ ever-lasting thirst for artistic knowledge has led him to master diverse genres of music that suit different demographics. Adults, young adults, teens, and families can enjoy quality time with Jules Goldie’s melodic songs.

About Jules Goldie, a Solid Thai Music Performer 

Julian Goldie performing

Jules’ love for music ignited when he was a young boy. He first grabbed the guitar, which he mastered after years of practice. This only made him more eager to learn and perfect his artistic skills.

Years passed, and Jules became a professional songwriter and singer. Drawing inspiration from rock and roll, jazz, pop, country, and more music style variations, Jules writes and composes his own songs. Jules also has the sweet vocals to interpret with sentiment, soul, and passion.

Currently, Jules resides in Thailand, where he has become a professional performer in live events. He seeks to put his word out to the world through storytelling songs describing his free and joyful life in the country. Jules performs regularly at common locations, like the following.

Jules’ songs and melodies captivate people of all ages. Performing at bars is an activity he appreciates due to the possibility of connecting closely with people. 

Doing live shows at clubs is where Jules Goldie truly shines. His love for rock and roll and similar genre styles comes to fruition in scenarios where he can blast the guitar and produce energetic guitar solos.

The possibility to perform for larger audiences has been and still is one of Jules’ dreams since he was a child. Lift people out of their seats by hiring at JulesGoldie.Com, an experience that no one involved will forget.

Consult any other live appearance at any event like a party or wedding by contacting Jules using the social networks active for business inquiries.

Contact Information

Begin a partnership at JulesGoldie.Com by reaching out through the different channels available. For example:

JulesGoldie.Com. Go to Jules Goldie’s homepage for more information about his background, experience, and vision in music. Use the direct links available to send out an email and start communications.

Instagram (@Jules_Goldie). Check out Jules’ Instagram profile for visual references about his brand, first album or debut album, his creative process, and current projects. Any upcoming news about a song or new album will be readily available on this channel.

Facebook (@juliangoldieseo). Follow Jules Goldie’s Facebook page for references about his original indie music and other professional details. Feedback from fans and more info are also readily available through this medium.

A Thai Indie Singer with the Expertise of a Five-Star Artist

At JulesGoldie.Com, you get what you paid for. Jules Goldie offers a unique performance to captivate the audience with compelling lyrics and high-energy rhythms.

Choose from a selection of songs featuring post-rock, hype-inducing rock and roll, and much more. For over the past decade, Jules has perfected his artistry to deliver on the grand stage—entertain crowds at bars, clubs, concerts, live events, and much more.

Ready to start a partnership? Don’t waste any more time looking for the same old electronic music, hip-hop beats, dream pop songs, or a popular band name charging excessive fees. With Jules Goldie’s musician experience playing different styles, everyone in hearing reach will enjoy quality time with friends and good music. 

Go to JulesGoldie.Com, and send out a business inquiry to begin a collaborative effort. With the right setting and proper artistic approach offered by Jules, every attendee will have the time of their life as they hear good music. Let’s rock the place out!

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