Guitarists for Hire in Thailand

Excellent guitarists and musicians are the difference between a dull and an eye-grabbing performance. The beauty of a guitar solo or a sweet melody can get the attention of current and future clients. Clubs and bars benefit greatly from this, especially in a culture-rich country like Thailand. But how do you find a worthy Thai […]

Songwriters for Hire in Thailand

Finding a compelling songwriter in Thailand can be a challenge. Most will compose meaningless songs or offer their services for more of their worth. Only a handful of artists know how to combine the beauty of lyrics with a catching sound to back them up. At JulesGoldie.Com, this is precisely what you get. Jules Goldieā€™s […]

Singers for Hire in Thailand

Looking to hire a singer in Thailand? Then, don’t look any further!  At JulesGoldie.Com, you can count on an experienced solo artist to bring music lovers to one place and keep them entertained. Whether you own a bar or club or host any live event, we provide entertainment value to your attendees.  Put on a fun […]

Musicians for Hire in Thailand

With countless Thai musicians out there, hiring entertainment for your events can be a hassle. But what better option than someone who can do it all? Jules Goldie is a versatile artist that can sing, write, and compose songs. Years of experience allow Jules to put up compelling performances with a blend of catching sounds […]

Indie Singers for Hire in Thailand

Hiring an indie singer in Thailand can be a hit or miss. Many are young and inexperienced, which reflects poorly on business owners and their products. Others are just way overpriced and troubled. Luckily, newer alternatives with more experience and proven records are also available and accessible. At JulesGoldie.Com, you got the ideal indie singer […]